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  • More than 30 years in the field of industrial water supply

    ГGroup of companies "BROTEP" has been working for more than 30 years areas of industrial water supply in the market of EUROPE and includes a full range of work in the field of cooling tower engineering using energy efficient technologies. thanks best practices and innovative approaches, enterprises BROTEP has become a recognized leader in this field activities. The suppliers of BROTEP enterprises are the leading ones world companies. In its work, the company "BROTEP" use advanced technologies and materials that meet modern requirements and standards. Enterprise management BROTEP pays constant attention to development and implementation advanced technological solutions, constantly improves and expands the range of products.
  • CTI (Cooling Tower Institute), USA

    BROTEP Group of Companies is a full member Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, as well СТI (Cooling Tower Institute), USA, which unites manufacturers and consumers of cooling towers with for the purpose of constant improvement of projects, manufacturing technologies and work efficiency. In addition, it is part of the association of thermal power of the companies of Ukraine ATEKU that unites the enterprises-manufacturers equipment, assembly, construction companies, as well as foreign representation.
  • The main strategic directions of the BROTEP:

    • minimization of the Customer's expenses at the maximum meeting his needs;
    • increasing the level of information security Customers about circulating water supply systems;
    • constant expansion of the product range with application of the latest developments for operation in various climatic and production conditions;
    • providing customers with comprehensive solutions for organization of circulating water supply systems.
    Having a factory provides an opportunity individual approach and satisfaction of all needs of the Customer according to the specifics of its production. constant maintenance warehouse positions on cooling towers and accessories guarantees prompt implementation of service and post-warranty service.
  • Modeling of water cooling process

    For modeling with high process reliability cooling of water in a cooling tower at various operational modes, emergencies and definitions energy efficiency of the cooling tower together with scientists Kyiv Institute of Technical Thermophysics (ITTF) NAS Ukraine developed and created a simulator.
  • BROTEP Group offers:

    • production and supply of cooling towers that meet all international standards;
    • development, implementation of renewable projects reconstruction of standard fan and tower cooling towers with delivery of all necessary accessories;
    • implementation of thermal and environmental and economic calculations with the subsequent issuance of technical and economic solutions to improve the performance of working capital water supply cycles at industrial enterprises of Ukraine;
    • ready-made solutions for the organization of the water cycle - supply and installation EPC water blocks, which include cooling towers, intermediate tanks for water collection and pumping equipment;
    • implementation of automation of cooling tower operation and protection of the electric motor of the fan cooling tower installations;
    • manufacture and supply of microcoolers for the organization of local revolving cycles productivity from 3 m3 / h to 100 m3 / h;
    • warranty and service of the installed systems of circulating water supply.
  • Compliance of products with European safety directives.

    Enterprises "BROTEP" is modern companies where basic principles of work is high professionalism, responsibility in front of everyone customer and guarantees of the expected the result. enterprises "BROTEP" is carried out its activities in accordance ISO 9001 standard. management system quality is certified in the international system "DEKRA Certification" and operates at the enterprises of "BROTEP" since 2008. Products manufactured by the BROTEP group of companies have a certificate of compliance with European standards CE safety directives.
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