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1Cooling towers in Europe
The cooling tower is a device, which by means of the air flow cools the large volumes of water. In Europe the cooling towers are used at TPP, TEPP, SDPP, NPP for cooling of heat exchange devices in the systems of water supply of recycling type. Today cooling towers in Europe are presented in fairly wide range of different types, which may vary by principle of irrigation and natural air feed, and also can by different depending on the direction of the flow of water and air. The general principle of operation of the device is characterized as follows: the hot water enters the cooling tower, where coming into contact with air, is cooled and then fed back for further cooling of the technological equipment or heat exchange devices. The air feed can be done in several ways, depending on which, the cooling towers in Europe can be the type of fan, chimney, ejection or open (atmospheric). If you are interested in cooling towers in Europe, the best solution for secure purchase will be to apply to the company “BROTEP-ECO”. Each type of the cooling tower has its advantages and possible disadvantages, so before making the choice of the best option there should be a preliminary study of the properties of each type. For example, the fan and the ejection cooling towers provide high quality and speed of the cooling of water in Europe; however, they require considerable power consumption. The chimney-type devices require less energy, but they cool slowly. To reduce the power consumption to the absolute minimum, you can use the open cooling towers, but you will have to put up with the slow cooling of the water and the rather large size of the device. We have the best cooling towers in Europe for your choice and purchase.
2Cooling tower calculation
The cooling tower is a device that is designed to cool large volumes of service water. It is used in systems of recycling water supply for its effective cooling at various thermal power plants. Also it is essential to use the cooling towers at industrial facilities for cooling of technological equipment of various types. Today, there are different kinds of cooling towers, which have different principle of work and design. The choice of a particular type is made depending on the technological requirements. It is quite often necessary to calculate the cooling tower, in order to determine the effectiveness of the device. The calculations of the cooling tower are quite complex calculations, under which you should consider many factors and indicators. Professional calculation of the cooling tower is carried out by experts of our company. The calculations of the cooling tower must be made by professionals exceptionally. And only in this case it is possible to rely on the results of the calculations. The experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the calculation, installation and maintenance of cooling towers work in “BROTEP-ECO”. Therefore, you can always ask us for advice on choosing the best type of device for you; learn about the technical features of the model. The use of the cooling tower helps to cool service water, which is needed in the industry, in areas where there is no possibility to use natural sources (lakes, ponds) for cooling. And the calculation of the cooling tower will help to use the device with maximum efficiency and economic feasibility. Do you need the precise and rapid calculation of the cooling tower? Then please contact us.
3The technology of cooling tower
The cooling tower is a device designed to cool service water, which is used for various manufacturing processes in industrial facilities. The process of water cooling with the help of technology of cooling tower is in vaporization of the water that flows in the form of condensate and enters again to the distribution pipe by the air, which is in device. The portion of water that has not evaporated is cooled to the desired temperature by the same air. The technology of cooling tower, whose history goes back for more than a decade, has found the most widespread use at TPP, TEPP, SDPP. Also the cooling towers are necessary at the enterprises, where cooled water is used in the technological cycles to obtain the final product (petrochemicals, dairy, chemical processes, etc.). The cooling tower technology is needed when near the industrial facility are no natural cooling sources, such as rivers, ponds, lakes. The company “BROTEP - ECO” specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of various types of cooling towers. In addition, the company carries out the calculation and maintenance of cooling towers, selects the optimal technology of cooling towers depending on the region together with the customer, the technological requirements of production and energy-saving considerations. With extensive experience in the field of water recycling, we can always advise each client the most effective solution for a particular enterprise. If you want to know more about the technology of the cooling tower, then call us. We will answer all the questions and give valuable advice. Cooling tower technology is a proven, reliable method of quality cooling of water.
4Manufacturing cooling towers
Cooling towers are the equipment intended for process water cooling in industrial conditions. Such equipment is currently one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of cooling water in conditions, when there is no natural water source available nearby. The most common facilities for the cooling towers to be used are thermal power stations, nuclear stations, major manufacturing facilities, and other enterprises. At present, manufacturers offer various types of cooling towers. They vary in the design features, operating principle, and size. Accordingly, the cost of cooling towers varies depending on such specification. There are a few manufacturers of cooling towers in Ukraine, which offer devices of various modifications at different prices. It makes sense to select cooling towers of a manufacturer that follows the modern technology in production, uses the reliable materials, and whose products are consistent with the applicable standards. By reaching out to a leading company, not only can you receive an efficient device but also count on proficient assistance in selection, installation and adjustment of cooling towers of various capacity. Are you interested in cooling towers from manufacturers that may provide the most comprehensive range of services? Then the best solution would be reaching out to the “BROTEP-ECO” company. The longstanding experience in development, construction and installation of cooling towers enables us to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of the given equipment in Ukraine. We are ready to offer optimal solutions in the area of efficient recycling water supply for any customer. You may order reliable and cost-saving cooling towers (manufacturing) in the area of efficient water supply at a low price.
5Which tower to buy?
A cooling tower is a structure intended for prompt cooling of large water bodies. Cooling towers are required in quite different enterprises, including such of metallurgy, machinery, aviation, food, and chemical industries. Cooling towers would also be useful for heat and nuclear power plants. A cooling tower may ensure efficient cooling for process units of various types. More frequently, water from the nearby water basins is utilized as the cooling water for industrial needs. A Cooling power, purchase of which as an alternative would be useful, enables to avoid pollution of lakes, ponds, rivers, and, of course, ground waters. There are several types of cooling towers. They differ in the structural features, type of equipment used and way of operation. Mechanical-draft tower is considered the most demandable today. It is more preferable to buy such tower due to its high efficiency. The tower may have different dimensions and performance. The greater the capacity of the tower, the greater amount of water it can cool down to necessary temperature for a specific period of time. For enterprises with low demand for a cooling liquid, it would suffice to buy a small-size tower featuring compactness. In some cases, it is very suitable. For enterprises, where the cooler is required in considerable amounts, cell-type, skid-mounted and modular cooling towers will be more suitable. In such cases it is more reasonable to purchase a cooling tower of great capacity and cooling ability. A cooling tower available for favorable purchase at “BROTEP-ECO”will execute its function in an ultimately efficient way. Our cooling towers are recognized for its high quality in Ukraine and abroad. Do you need a really great cooling tower? You may purchase it at “BROTEP-ECO”.

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