Reviews about cooling towers

  • Градирня Бротеп для заводу дитячого харчування
  • Градирня для цукрового заводу
  • Градирня Бротеп для Кременчуцька ТЕЦ
  • Градирня Бротеп для Азнар
  • градирня бротеп
  • Градирни бротеп
  • Градирня Бротеп для Стелмет
  • Градирня Бротеп для Біохем, Польща
  • градирня бротеп
  • Градирня бротеп
  • Градирня Бротеп для Кит-сервіс
  • Градирня Бротеп для Насосенергомаш
  • Градирня Бротеп для Яготинського маслозаводу
  • Градирня Бротеп для Метінвест
  • Градиння Бротеп для Харківський коксовий завод
  • Градиння Бротеп для ТОВ ЕФІР
  • Градирня Бротеп для Волошкове поле
  • градирня бротеп
  • градирня бротеп
  • Градирня Бротеп для Укртатнафта
  • Градирня Бротеп для СКФ
  • Градирня для Чугуївский ОЖК
  • Градирня Бротеп для Полтавський завод медичного скла
  • Градирня Бротеп для Електроцинк


  • Guarantee of cooling100%

We offer for our customers:

  • fan cooling towers, water blocks and technological elements to them;
  • installation, adjustment and commissioning of cooling towers;
  • service of operated cooling towers;
  • systems for monitoring, control and monitoring of cooling tower fans, data transmission to higher level systems;
  • complex of professional services on reconstruction and modernization of cooling towers;
  • providing components for all types and sizes of cooling towers;
  • engineering of circulating water supply systems and related processes in circulating cycles.
  • The activity of JSC "BROTEP-ECO" is aimed at winning and strengthening the trust of our consumers, to whom we will provide:

  • individual approach to consumer demands, based on the analysis, accounting and evaluation of their requirements;
  • implementation of high quality projects on time and agreed budgets;
  • long equipment life cycle;
  • guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the installed equipment;
  • full range of equipment service;
  • modernization of reversible cycles with the use of advanced technologies;
  • performance of works / services in accordance with modern international quality standards.
  • Principles of operation of JSC "BROTEP-ECO":

  • fair competition in its market segment, based on partnership and mutually beneficial relations with reliable Suppliers;
  • focus on constantly increasing consumer satisfaction with the quality of equipment and services;
  • decision-making based on risk assessment;
  • compliance with regulatory documentation for products and methods of testing, developed taking into account national, international and European standards.
  • Liabilities of JSC "BROTEP-ECO":

  • to increase the degree of consumer satisfaction with their services;
  • constantly improve their activities while improving the quality of processes and quality management systems;
  • quality is a priority in the activities of each employee;
  • stimulating the initiative of each employee, aimed at improving the efficiency of the quality management system;
  • to improve the quality of work / services, through training and retraining of staff, improving the structure and application of modern technologies and components.
  • The main strategic activities of JSC "BROTEP-ECO" are:

  • minimization of consumer costs with maximum satisfaction of his needs;
  • increasing the level of information security of consumers about circulating water supply systems;
  • constant expansion of the product range with the use of the latest developments for operation in any climatic and industrial conditions;
  • providing consumers with comprehensive solutions for circulating water supply systems;
  • application of modern production management models aimed at improving the quality, reliability and safety of products, reducing the cost of its production;
  • organization of the enterprise according of national, international and European standards;
  • development of new markets.
  • Effective functioning of the quality management system of JSC "BROTEP-ECO", confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 - a guarantee of our successful activity.