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градирня купити градирня купити градирня купити

Name of the parameterValue of the parameter
The hydraulic load (water flow), m3 / hour
- minimal5
- nominal8
- maximal10
Water pressure at the cooling tower input, MCE (kgf/cm2)2 ÷ 6 (0,2 ÷ 0,6)
Water temperature difference, °C5 ÷ 15
Thermal load, Megacalories/h (kW)25 ÷ 150 (29 ÷ 174)
Droplet Entrainment, %No more than 0.01
The type and number of spray tube jetsСТ-20 х 12 – 6 pcs
Axial Fan В 06-300N 6,3
Electromotor Power, кW0.75
The noise level at a distance of 10 m, DbNo more than 70
Dimension Sizes (length x wide x height), mm1850 x 850 x 1725
Allowable temperature of the water at the cooling tower input, °СNo more than  65
Capacity of the receiving tank, m³0.35
Branch pipe of water supply ( Dу 1 ), mm50
Overflow ( Dу 2), mm20
Spill pipe ( Dу 3 ), mm65
Weight without water / with water, kg320 / 720

  • Compact fan cross flowed cooling tower ГМВ-10П is manufactured in accordance with ТУ (TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS) У 29.2-20054481-003-2007, is protected by patent, trade mark. The cooling tower is designed to cool the water in the circulating water supply systems of compressor stations, cooling installations, air conditioning systems and other heat exchange equipment in which the heat must be removed by means of cooling water.
  • The latest developments of the global level are applied in the cooling tower of production “BROTEP”. That ensures efficient cooling of circulating water under the most adverse environmental conditions..
    • The polymeric PVC irrigator has a high specific surface area (up to 300 m2/m3), provides the intensive cooling of water at a low aerodynamic drag, does not sustain combustion, is not clogged, resistant to low temperatures, the life service - up to 15 years..
    • The efficient water catcher of PVC profile elements virtually eliminates droplet entrainment of water. Specially designed construction of water catchers minimizes the aerodynamic drag, which improves cooling efficiency. Water catcher’s material does not sustain combustion, resistant to low temperatures.
    • The axial fan designed specifically for use in cooling towers. Thanks to the special design of the cooling tower, the fan is not exposed to the harmful effects of hot and humid air.
    • Specially designed cooling tower provides easy access to the nozzles, irrigators, water catchers. The internal and external metal surface of cooling towe