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GMV 100 / 60

Compact cooling towers GMV – 100 / 60

Cooling tower characteristics

GMV 100 / 60

cooling tower

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градирня купити градирня купити градирня купити

Type of cooling towerconter -flow exhaust
Type of irrigatorslick
Length of cooling towerMM20152685
Width of cooling towerMM20152265
Height of water inputMM26453066
Total height of cooling towerMM29603320
Type  of connection between motor and fandirect
Fan diameterMM10001000
Electromotor parametersV/Hz/F380 /50 /3
Nominal power of electromotorkW37.5
Electromotor protectionIP54
Number of clamping shoulders of water inletMM1001 X 150
Mass of cooling tower dry / workingkg1300/26001800/4100
Performance on waterМ3/ HOUR40 ÷ 6050 ÷ 100
Temperature of water on the input of the cooling tower°Сnot more than 65
Temperature difference°С5 ÷ 15
Temperature load DT = 5÷15 °С and QmaxkW350 ÷ 1050*580 ÷ 1750*
Droplet entrainment%0.0005
Pressure in water distribution systemМCE3÷ 5
Volume  of receiving tank.M31.22.2

  • The compact fan cooling towers ГМВ -60, -100 “SUPER” are the new improved version of the cooling towers with a maximum flow rate of circulating water of 60 and 100 m3/hour, which have several advantages compared to the previous model (the cooling towers ГМВ-60Н and ГМВ-100Н):.
  • The latest developments of the global level are applied in the cooling tower of production “BROTEP”. That ensures efficient cooling of circulating water under the most adverse environmental conditions..
    • compact dimensions of the cooling tower (reduced length of the cooling tower due to the absence of the extended diffuser)
    • fan installation is placed inside the cooling tower, which completely eliminates the possibility of freezing of the fan impeller;
    • more powerful motor of fan installation;.
    • Also like the previous model, the cooling tower ГМВ-60 and-100 “SUPER” consists of 2 mounting blocks providing easier transportation and installation, as well as free access to the nozzles, irrigator, water catcher . All of the steel constructions of cooling towers are made of steel St.3. and covered with a special multi-component anti-corrosion coating.