Cooling tower

Closed type cooling tower GZK 3

Cooling tower characteristics


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Name of the parameterValue of parameter for ГЗК-3
Performance (ethylenglycol), m³/hour
- minimal50
- nominal80
- maximal120
Droplet entrainment, %Not more than 0,01
Axial fanВГ-24 х 1 pcs
Power of fan electomotors, kW9÷15
Power of circulating pump, kW4х(1÷2 pcs.)
Noise level at distance of 10 m, dB70÷80
Dimension sizes (weight▪ length▪ height), mm3600▪3600▪4450
Volume of water collecting pallet for irrigating water, m³≤6,5
Branch pipe of water supply for adding (Dy1), mm32
Overflow (Dу2), mm70
Spill pipe ( Dу 3 ), mm70
Weight of cooling tower, kgNot more than 8200/14800

Cooling tower housingBearing system of cooling tower housing consists of galvanized steel structures. The covering is made of profiled galvanized sheet with polymer coating or PVC sheets that are attached to a galvanized metal frame.
The water collecting pallet with the volume of V= 7 m3 is located in the lower part of the cooling tower.
Cooling systemIt is a heat exchanger made of thin-walled metal tubes, processed by hot galvanizing, or copper tubes. The heat exchanger is located in the cooling tower housing. Due to the simple design of the cooling tower there is the possibility of fast removal of the old module of the heat exchanger and installation of new one.
Water distribution systemIt is designed for even distribution of irrigating water over the surface of the heat exchanger pipes and intensification of heat exchange process. The water distribution system consists of plastic pipelines and nozzles.
Water catcherIt is placed directly above the water distribution system and is designed to prevent entrainment of water gropes captured by the air flow from the irrigation zone of the heat exchanger into the atmosphere.
Fan installationIt is located in the upper part of the cooling tower. The fan installation provides forced air movement. It includes direct drive single-speed electromotor, the impeller with plastic blades and diffuser.This fan is characterized by low noise, durability and is easy to maintain.
Control and monitor system with frequency-regulated driveProvides:
1. The output of the light indication of the operating status of: the network; pump; fan installations; water feed systems on the front panel of the control cabinet.
2. The output of the emergency light indication of low water level in the cooling tower pallet the for pump operation on the front panel of the control cabinet.
3. Audible alarm in cases of:
overheat of the pump electromotor;
low water level in the pallet of the cooling tower;
the temperature of the water in the cooling tower pallet is below +15°C /factory setting/.
4. Manual actuation/shutdown of fan installations.
5. Automatic regulation of rotation rate of the electromotor depending on the temperature of atmospheric air.
6. Automatic actuation/shutdown of operation of the feeding system.
7. Automatic shutdown of pump in case of overheating or water level lowering in the pallet below the minimum level and automatic actuation, when the above settings are restored.
The possibility of display of information to the upper level through standard protocols and ranges of signals.
Circulating pumpIt is installed on the suction pipe for supplying water from the cooling tower pallet to water distribution system of the heat exchanger irrigation. There is filtration mesh on the suction pipe to prevent suction of coarse particles of contaminants in the pump.
Adding of the amount of evaporated water is carried out automatically by means of a float-and-valve .

Purpose. The fan cooling tower with closed cooling water is designed for cooling of fluid (prepared (distilled) water, oil, hydroalcoholic solutions, etc.) circulating in a closed circuit without breaking the flow and the loss of working pressure. The cooling tower with closed cooling water has two independent circuits: “technical equipment – cooling tower heat exchanger" and “water collecting pallet of the cooling tower – water distribution system of cooling tower”, which prevents the evaporation and mixing of the cooled fluid with the cooling circulating water. evaporation of circulating water used for the irrigation of pipe system of the heat exchanger; heat transfer through convection. The cooled liquid circulates in pipe system of the heat exchanger. ВIn the upper part of the tower there is the water distribution system, which ensures even distribution of circulating cooling water on the outer surface of heat exchanger pipes. The heat from the cooling fluid is transferred through the walls of the heat exchanger pipes to the circulating water. At this circulating water partially evaporates. The circulating water, which flows from the system of the heat exchanger pipes, is collected in the pallet, from where with the help of a pump it is fed to the water distribution system. Adding of the amount of evaporated water is carried out automatically with the help of a float-and-valve. The air flow furthers the intensive evaporation and consequently cooling of circulating water. Thus, heat is transferred from the circulating water to the circulating air.