Cooling tower
MG 12


Characteristics cooling tower

MG 12

градирня купити

градирня купити градирня купити градирня купити

  • Water consumption / 10-25 m3/h

  • Dimensions of the cooling tower / 1250х1250х2800 mm

  • Engine power / 1.5 kW

  • Fan diameter / 800 mm

  • Speed / 1500 Dn mm

  • Inlet pipe / 80 mm

  • Transport weight / 350 kg

  • Working weight / 900 kg

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  • The body of the cooling tower is a prefabricated structure consisting of individual fiberglass elements. Fiberglass is a material very resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet radiation, which provides reliable protection against leakage and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the cooling tower throughout its service life. Provided that the quality of circulating water is met, the average overhaul interval will be 5 years. The service life of the case is not less than 20 years.
  • The supports of the technological components, the fan holder and all connecting elements are made of fiberglass and stainless steel. The design of the cooling tower provides for the presence of an intermediate pallet. The tray is designed to collect and then drain the cooled water into a common storage tank. Drain water from the pan is carried out by gravity through the drain pipe. Cellular polymer blocks are installed on the air inlet windows of the cooling tower, which evenly distribute the air flow at the entrance to the cooling tower, prevent water splashing outside the cooling tower, and are an effective tool in the fight against ice formation.
  • The frame of the cooling tower is delivered assembled, as separate assembly blocks, which eliminates the cost of installation work and significantly reduces the volume and time of installation work. The structural elements are designed in accordance with international norms and standards, taking into account certain requirements for wind loads, snow loads and earthquake loads.
  • The water distribution system of the cooling tower is a collector consisting of fiberglass pipes. Irrigation nozzles with adjustable water flow are evenly distributed on each pipe. Regulation of water consumption is carried out at the expense of installation in nozzles of special restrictive inserts. Plastic nozzles have a wide diameter of the outlet, which prevents them from clogging. The system contributes to the even distribution of water, which is an integral part of good thermal efficiency.
  • In order to effectively capture water droplets in the exhaust air stream, a cellular water trap is installed. This design of the sprinkler promotes effective water capture, reducing water losses with removal to 0,005% of the general expense of water on a cooling tower due to 3 times change of a direction of an air stream, at the same time, possessing excellent aerodynamic characteristics that reduces requirements to power of the electric motor. installation.
  • In order to ensure high cooling efficiency, the cooling tower is equipped with a PVC film sprinkler.
  • Specially designed corrugation, designed microstructure, as well as high manufacturing standards allow to achieve high thermal efficiency with minimal pressure losses.
    • improved water distribution;
    • high resistance to pollution;
    • special additives for high resistance to UV radiation.
    • high heat dissipation efficiency;
    • special edge design for directing water to both sides of the sprinkler;
    • the sprinkler is made of PVC - a material that does not support combustion.
    • The cooling tower has a fan unit, which consists of a fiberglass diffuser, an electric motor and an axial fan with 6 blades.
    • impellers made of polyamide
    • high corrosion resistance, both chemical and mechanical;
    • high class of dynamic impeller balancing;
    • reduction of noise load and vibration;
    • reduction of starting currents of the electric motor;
    • longer fan life.
    • In order to ensure efficient operation of fan units and high cooling capacity of the equipment, the cooling tower provides a special confusing diffuser part, which prevents the formation of dead zones in the irrigation space. The fan diffuser is protected by a special net to prevent foreign objects from entering.

    градирня купити градирня купити градирня купити